Friday, December 31, 2010

Holiday in Havana now available on Nook at Barnes & Noble

Holiday in Havana is now available on Nook at Barnes & Noble. If you or someone you know received a new Nook for Christmas, this is a a great book to buy: great characters, interesting plot, and plenty of fast-paced action!

Now you can get this excellent adventure on either one of the two most popular e-reader devices, Nook or Kindle. Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy this book!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be A Character in A Novel!

Enter our contest  to Be A Character in the next novel in this series, "Lost Ark of the Incas" from now until March 15, 2011.  Just download your Kindle copy from Amazon here, and enter the contest today!
This book is due out on Kindle April 15, 2011. For full contest details, write the author at

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday in Havana - Now for Kindle, Ipad and more!


Three American fishermen are lost along the Atlantic coast, their sport-fishing yacht blown to pieces. Family and friends of the lost men try to find out what really happened, while the CIA scrambles to keep details a secret, even as they search for answers. Is it already be too late for anyone to defuse this conflict?  From Russia, to the Atlantic Ocean, to Florida, and on to Havana, Holiday in Havana crosses continents and oceans as tensions mount to an explosive conclusion!

10th Anniversary Edition - Re-Edited - Added Features!
Holiday in Havana now is available in electronic form! Originally available in paperback, the 10th Anniversary Edition is available for Kindle, Ipad and more! Don't have a Kindle? Download their free Kindle Reader app for your Mac, PC or phone, and start enjoying great books such as Holiday in Havana today!

As an added bonus,  this electronic version includes a preview chapter from the sequel to Holiday in Havana,  "Lost Ark of the Incas", bringing back your favorite characters from the first book, and several new ones, into a dangerous new adventure to the remote mountains and rainforests of Peru, where they find the origin of unique and powerful gold relics rumored to alter energy, gravity and history itself!

If that were not enough, the author is holding a contest from now until March 15, 2011 that you can enter to name a character in the next novel in this series, "Lost Ark of the Incas", due out on Kindle April 15, 2011. For full contest details, go to the  book website: or write the author at Download your Kindle copy from Amazon here and enter the contest today!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Be A Character Contest Just Announced!

Enter the contest that could make YOU a character in the forthcoming “Lost Ark of the Incas”!  The manuscript is being finalized now.

Simply send an email with the last four digits of your Amazon download receipt number to the author at!

If your name is selected from the first 100 entries, you can be written in to the next book. The author will work with you to select the name, age, and background of your character. Your character will have a recognizable presence in "Lost Ark of the Incas" and may be included in future books of the Martin Culver Series.

Drawing to take place on March 15, 2011