Thursday, December 1, 2011

Name a Character Contest Returns!

Everyone who buys one of the Martin Culver Series adventure novels and writes an on-line review by December 15, 2011, will be entered into the “Name a Character” contest for the third novel in the series, “The Lost Calendar of the Maya” which takes place in the Yucatan region of Mexico, to be published January 2012.

In this contest, one lucky reviewer will be selected to name a character that will be woven into the plot. The winner will be chosen December 15, 2011.  The first "Name a Character" contest was held just prior to publishing "The Lost Ark of the Incas".

So if you have not already purchased a Martin Culver Series fiction novel, now is the time to do so, and if you have, take a minute to write your review. You could name a character in the third novel in this exciting series!