Sunday, November 3, 2013

99 Cents on Kindle for November!

What a deal! On sale for only 99 cents for the entire month of November,
 "Holiday in Havana: TheAdventures Begin".

"Holiday in Havana: The Adventures Begin" is an exciting high-seas tale of international intrigue and lost Spanish treasure, this novel is the first in The Martin Culver Series.

In the second novel in the series is "The Lost Ark of the Incas", Martin Culver hires an archaeologist and goes to Peru to find lost treasures of the Incas, and gets more than he bargained for.

The third novel, "The Lost Calendar of the Maya" , takes the characters to Mexico in 2012, where tomb raiders and international terrorists fight for control of Chichenitza and its treasures, with Martin Culver and his team of archaeologists and astronomers caught in the middle of the Mayan Apocalypse.

The fourth novel in The Martin Culver Series, "The Golden Treasure of Panama" is due to be published in January 2014. Get ready for  by reading all three novels in the series now. Then hang on to your hats. Hint: "The Golden Treasure of Panama" is going to be a wild ride for Martin Culver fans!