Sunday, December 4, 2016

Fidel Castro's Funeral

 Fidel Castro's impending death is central to the plot of "Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin." In this first novel of The Martin Culver Series, Castro was plotting on his deathbed to disrupt the balance of power, teaching the United States and the world a lesson in the process.

The event I speculated about more than 20 years ago has finally happened. The world  recently observed Castro's passing as it recalled his ruthlessness and obstinate defiance of the United States. Some were joyful at the news, while others praised Castro as a revolutionary hero.

Whatever your opinion of Castro, you are sure to find "Holiday in Havana - The Adventures Begin" an adventure well worth your time, ranging in location from Moscow to Washington, D.C., from Miami to Havana in a race to stop the final threat from Fidel Castro before it is too late.  Click to see this novel on Amazon here.

Does anything change with Castro's death? That remains to be seen.